Tuesday, November 2, 2010

'Lets play a game'

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'Lets play a game'

Stephanie says

We are both home alone.  Its halloween.  Both Bria and Anna along with Jensen are with friends.  We are sitting together in a comfortable chair for one.  

'Ok what are we playing'    I ask

Stephanie is holding two pieces of paper and a pencil

'We will both write on these piece's of paper.  We will guess where the cancer is in my body.  It can't include where they have already found it.   We won't show each other our answers until after the PET scan'

She wants to put each paper in a envolope and seal it.  

'Once we find out we will open the envelopes and see who win's'    She says

In my mind 'I am stunned'  not revealing  my emotions (I feel like crying and I don't want her to know)

Working hard to control my voice I tell her I can't play.  

We sit in the chair made for one,  and hold each other.  All the while the doorbell keeps ringing

'trick or treat'

Stephanie wants to hand out the candy.  I stay in the chair.  As I watch her,  I tell myself how lucky I am.  She is so beautiful.  With a big fake spider in her hair she is laughing and giggling as the kids come to the door.


  1. I am following your blog very closely. My heart is breaking as I think of the "battle" that you are being forced into. Reading the thoughts and feelings and comments of you and Stephanie is treasured and "heartfelt". Know we are thinking of you and offering many many prayers for you.

  2. I love you guys so much. Dad, I really appreciate you sharing your heartfelt feelings about mom and the situation. Mom, I really love and admire how you can continue to laugh and be happy during this situation. I love laughing with you and you fill my life with so much joy. Love, Malcolm

  3. What to say... my heart is so full if love for your family and admiration for Stephanie for being such a strong, beautiful, and loving woman. Reading these posts reminds me how everyones. "true colors" shine through in the most difficult of circumstances... and Stephanie, to hear about your continued laughter, smiles, and love shows how truly beautiful you are. And Tom, to read your honest thoughts and feelings is so precious and means so much. Thank you.