Monday, November 29, 2010

A few better days

The MRI found a  crack in Stephanie's Tibia.  This crack is causing pain.   Because of the cancer surrounding it.  It will not heal.  Add to that the Radiation treatments.

What we know........... life is to be enjoyed.......everyday.  

We have all heard the stories.  People explaining how they see life differently once something dramatic happens to them.  Well I am telling the story now.  

My wrist carries a yellow plastic bracelet.  It states my support for Cancer Research.   Just a few months ago I didn't  have much interest in Cancer.

Statistics showed prostate cancer would visit my life in later years.  But that would be thirty years from now.

Today Stephanie has cancer.  It still seems so not real.  Needs of life still exist.  Jensen still needs his mom.  The girls still need rides to friends homes, and the barn to ride horses.  Malcolm and Laura are giving us our second grandbaby.  Wyatt is loving BYU.

Stephanie still has cancer.   We are enjoying life.  

P.S.  Thanks again to all who have emailed and posted such wonderful messages.  It brings both Stephanie and I so much heartfelt piece.  So many have also texted such thoughtful concern.  Please let me know of anything I can do for you.  Sincerely


  1. It was so great to see you at my mom's party on Tuesday... amazing that you took the time, energy, and effort to be there. I'm sure it can't be easy getting around on crutches Stephanie, but it was so nice to see you. You are beautiful. Your family is amazing and wonderful and we are so lucky to have you as part of our family. Much Love. Camille

  2. Stephanie and Tom's children are a testament as to what amazing parents they are. They have raised, and are raising wonderful children.
    One of my memories of Stephanie and Tom is when I came from out of state to visit them after Malcom was born. They were living in a small apartment that was part of Grandma Harris's home. I remember Stephanie sitting on a blue couch holding Malcom and he looked just like Malcom and Laura's new baby girl!
    Love, Yvonne (Toms' sister)

  3. we have had good times with Tom and Stephanie on cruises etc, please call us for anything, Sonya would like to help you if she can do anything please call. know that the lord knows you and he has a plan for each of us , he will take care of you and your family, the Stucki's