Friday, November 5, 2010


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'Jensen the Doctor told  us why mommy has been hurting so bad..............  She has cancer'

"OH  I thought it was going to be something REALLY bad!" he said

Stephanie and I have spent the day at the Huntsman Cancer institute.   This was the day to get results from the full body PET scan.

What they found:

Hot lymph nodes under each arm,  One in the neck (right side) and two different areas on both sides of the groin.

And of course, where it all started?  In the knee and Tibia.

What do we do?


The first communication indicated the need for chemotherapy.  Stephanie would loose her hair.  Once the doctors charted the 'finds'  we could the have then "statistics"

The better news


It was determined that the hot spots would be closely watched.  It was also suggested that in 90 days a less invasive CT scan would be run to follow any growth of the Lymph Nodes found by the PET scan.   Any growth would induce more aggressive treatment.  No chemo for now :)

Radiation treatment

Stephanie's knee and Tibia will receive direct radiation over two weeks.

The fact that Stephanie has cancer is so frustrating for both of us. The challenge of physical pain side effects, scare us.  The reality of a treatment is wonderful.

We will take it!

Stephanie will have this lymphoma cancer for the rest of her life.  Doctors visits will become something we get use to.   25 days ago ours lives had no Cancer.

Today we accept our future.

The blog.  Just under 1500 people have visited this simple  blog in 15 days.  Friends from France, England, Mexico, Australia,  Indonesia, and the US.  I have learned that sincere heartfelt concern carried us through the shock of our situation.  While we settle into our new reality we can't help but feel so fortunate to have positive thoughts  and prayers from so many.

We love you.

I will always remember the optimism..................of a 10 year old boy.


  1. Thanks for sharing the encouraging news. It sounds good that radiation can be used for your treatment. We will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Steve and Marilynn

  2. This is good news! Out of the mouths of babes... Tom, I have so valued your honest, heartfelt sharing here of your family's journey in dealing with Stephanie's diagnosis. Your vulnerability reveals powerful strength! I recently spent a week at a cancer retreat with a dear friend diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. It was an honor to be among courageous souls who believe in the power of healing and being uplifted through the cancer journey. Reading through this blog and all of the supportive comments deeply touches my heart. You have a beautiful family and I know that Stephanie has a fighting spirit! May abundant blessings pour forth in the days that lie ahead. You are all in my prayers. Much love and light, TJ

    “A hero is anyone who has lived through pain and been transformed by it.” ~ Unknown

  3. Ya know Tom...I was the one that always carried your school books home from school in our younger years. I believe you would even convince me to do your homework. But that didn't go over very well once Mom found out. But for the dis-interested school boy, you sure know how to write and convey with words your heartfelt feelings, your pains and your love. Your inner strength shines as does Stephanie's and each of us feel blessed as we read this blog...not only because you share your strength but you also share your vulnerability.
    I Love You, "Your Twin Sister" Tammy

  4. Tom writes that 1500 people have accessed this blog. Numerous lives have been touched by Stephanie and Tom's courage and valor during these past three weeks.
    There are also an untold number of people all over the world that have been blessed due to the humanitarian efforts that Tom has been involved in.
    I remember a conversation I had with Stephanie years ago. She was living with a lot of pain, but would not talk about herself. However, if it was one of her children she was concerned about,she showed great tenacity, determination, and resolve in helping them. This strong drive you possess will see you through, Stephanie!
    Love you guys, Yvonne (Tom's sister)

  5. Stephanie, even if you did loose all of your hair, you would still be be beautiful. I'm so happy to hear you are starting with radiation. I'm sure your doctors will do everything they can for you. I love you and our 4 year old Lance prays for you everyday.

    Much love, Camille (niece)

  6. I was the one who checked the blog from Australia. I was visiting my sister who lives there. Our prayers have been with you all since.

    Dave and Elaine Parker